Shawn Winchester, LD
May 23 - 25, 2015
Truett Camp, Hayesville
1. Cordell Allen
2. Josh Barr
3. James Fagin
4. Jacob Garrison
5. Kendal Keating
6. Josiah Lovelace
7. Dakota Maddox
8. Ian Mullinax
9. Luke Pinkard
10. Colton Posey
11. Stephen Richardson
Lay Director
Shawn Winchester  (Priesthood of All Believers)
Board Rep
Bo Phillips
Spiritual Directors
Roy Adams (Head)(God's Gifts to You & God Empowers You)
Chris West (God Designed You)
Al Beck (God Loves You)
Eric Hill (God Sustains You)
Asst. Lay Directors
A: Pat Jaco (Head)
A: Jeff Marr
Y: Erik Beck(Next Steps)
Y: Caledin Wylupek(Prodigal)
Table Leaders
A: Mike Arnold(Faith)
A: Ronnie Mulkey(Communication Through Prayer)
A: Mark Thigpen (& Libby) (Marriage)
A: Carson Roach(Single Life) 
Y: Tom West (Growth Through Study)
Y: Austin Derico(Ideals)
Y: Christian Birchfield (Christian Action)
Y: Jake West
A: Aaron Birchfield (Head)
A: Terry Jones
A: Leon Roach
A: Gary Rogers
Y: Dylon Winchester
Y: Michael Foster
Y: Coby Watty
Blake Arnold
Chevy Millard
Christopher Nordin
Cole West


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