Terri Dalrymple, LD
March 7 - 9, 2014
Camp Living Water, Bryson City
1. Laney Allen
2. Ashley Mulkey
3. Stephanie Swann
4. Madison Underwood
5. Melinda Wilkes
6. Carol Anne Williams
Lay Director
Terri Dalrymple  (Priesthood of All Believers)
Board Rep
Donna Smith (Communication Through Prayer)
Spiritual Directors
Derrick Palmer (Head)(God Loves You, God's Gifts to You)
Roy Adams (God Sustains You)
Phillip Wyatt (God Designed You)
Jeremy Bradford (God Empowers You)
Asst. Lay Directors
A: Cheryl Kelley (Head)
A: Tammie Johnson
A: Wendy Clark (Marriage)
Y: Holly Monteith (Prodigal)
Y: Sara Pinkard (Next Steps)
Table Leaders
A: Debbie Farmer (Faith)
A: Melissa Gibson (Single Life)
A: Angie Pinkard
Y: Jessica Posey (Christian Action)
Y: Cassidy Dalrymple (Ideals)
Y: Katie Garland (Christian Growth Through Study)
A: Libby Thigpen (Head)
A: Nicole Bradford
A: Michelle Adams
A: Chasidy West
A: Lana Parker
Y: Abby Roots
Y: Sherah Spotswood
Y: Jessica Mignola
Y: Lydia Spotswood
Y: Krista Gibson
Meghan Fine
Deena West


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