Karen Phillips, LD
September 13 - 15, 2013
Camp Living Water, Bryson City
1. Jeana Ackerson
2. Chelsea Dehart
3. Kadie Birchfield
4. Shayna Dickerson
5. Hannah Inman
6. Sarah Pitt
7. Zoë Templeton
8. Summer Tipton
9. Judy Wallace
10. Tori Wilson
Lay Director
Karen Phillips  (Priesthood of All Believers)
Board Rep 
Judy Roach
Spiritual Directors
Michelle Shiplet (Head)(God Designed You & God's Gifts to You)
Jeremy Bradford (God Empowers You)
Al Beck (God Loves You)
Kathy Rowe (God Sustains You)
Asst. Lay Directors
A: Lisa Frye (Head) (Faith & Communication Through Prayer)
A: Renee Parris
A: Bonnie Willcox
Y: Allie Mills
Y: Sarah Allen (Next Steps)
Table Leaders
A: Lisa Jaco (& Pat) (Marriage)
A: Eve Pipkin (Single Life)
A: Alisha Randal
A: Christa Shipman
Y: Kendall Banks (Ideals)
Y: Rachel Hipp (Christian Action)
Y: Holly Montieth (Prodigal)
Y: Abby Root (Christain Growth Through Study)
A: Donna Smith (Head)
A: Katarina Beck
A: Terra Fouts
A: Keri Hill
Y: Valerie Lewis
Y: Tracy McMahan
Y: Emily Skiles
Y: Sarah Hawken
Y: Shelby Parris
Y: Rachel Stewart
Y: Kellie Willcox


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