Lucas Luther, LD
October 21 -23, 2011
Camp Living Water, Bryson City
1. Kody Bernier
2. Isaac Bostic
3. Steven Cipriano Jr.
4. Justin Davis
5. Brandon Grant
6. Zachary Morgan
7. John Mullins
8. Austin Norrell
9. Harrison Rich
10. Cody Shiflett
11. Chris Ware
12. Kent Warth
13. Jake West
14. Caleb Whitaker
Lay Director
Lucas Luther  (Priesthood of All Believers)
Board Rep
Matthew Turner
Spiritual Directors
Jacob Kyker (Head) (God's Gifts to You & God Sustains You)
Bo Phillips (God Designed You)
Steve Shaffer (God Loves You & God Empowers You)
Asst. Lay Directors
A: Matthew Turner (Head)
A: Robert Willcox
A: Kevin "PDab" Allen
Y: Nolan McIntosh
Y: Chris Nordin  (Next Steps)
Table Leaders
A: Mark Gerbino  (Single Life)
A: Steve Johnson  (Faith)
A: Ray Evans (& Missy)  (Marriage)
A: Chris Blount  (Communication Through Prayer)
Y: Justin Solesbee  (Ideals)
Y: Colby White  (Christian Action)
Y: Austin Layton  (Christian Growth Through Study)
Y: Lex Hunt  (Prodigal)
A: Leon Roach (Head)
A: Bobby Owenby
A: Boyd Luther
A: Bryan Luther
A: Gary Wilson
A: Adam McLean
A: Barry Getch
Y: Byron Dehart
Y: Carson Roach
Y: Nathan Miles
Y: Travis Brooks
Y: Lance Phillips
Y: Cody Rich
Y: Kyle Sizemore
A: Brian Bowman
Y: Blake Arnold


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