2018 Board  Meetings:
January 27th
March 10th
June 2nd
August 22nd
September 22th
November 10th
2017 Executive Committee        
Position Name Email Start Date End Date
Community Lay Director Jason Boston boston34_21@yahoo.com Jan-16 Jan-18
Vice Community Lay Director Tami Mason tnt143@yahoo.com Jan-16 Jan-18
2nd Vice Community Lay Director Matthew Turner    Oct-16 Jan-18
At Large Lucas Luther lbluther2@gmail.com Jan-16 Jan-18
Treasurer Keri Hill kerikatherine@yahoo.com Jan-15 Jan-19
Secretary Terri Dalrymple dalrymplet@hotmail.com Aug-15 Aug-17
Community Spiritual Director Al Beck providence1707@gmail.com May-15 May-17
2017 Board         
Position Name Email    
Community Spiritual Director (Asst) Eric Hill snapshot1974@yahoo.com    
Stacey Posey
Cell:  828-557-0966
Registration (Asst) Keri Hill kerikatherine@yahoo.com    
Kitchen Pat Jaco manocanvas@msn.com    
Kitchen  TO BE FILLED      
Dining Room Chris & Felicia Harrell      
Dining Room (Asst) TO BE FILLED      
Prayer Chapel Melissa Gibson greatgibbs10@gmail.com    
Prayer Chapel (Asst)  TO BE FILLED    
Big House Heather Evans evanshm@bellsouth.net    
Big House (Asst) Chad Allen    
Big House (Asst) Bryan Evans    
Big House (Asst) Danielle Hawken      
Big House (Asst) Rachel Stewart      
Clown Communion Meghan Arnold    
Clown Communion (Asst)  TO BE FILLED    
Setup/Tear Down TO BE FILLED    
Setup/Tear Down  TO BE FILLED    
Sound System Setup/Tear Down Melissa Gibson greatgibbs10@gmail.com    
Youth Reps Cassidy Dalrymple stupid_what12@yahoo.com    
Youth Reps Jessy Hill justjessy0812@yahoo.com    
Youth Reps Gavin Mills gxplosion@gmail.com    
Reunion/Hoots Keri Hill kerikatherine@yahoo.com    
Reunion/Hoots (Asst) Jessy Hill justjessy0812@yahoo.com    
Candlelight Blake & Meghan Arnold hopeforrefuge@gmail.com    
Candlelight (Asst)  TO BE FILLED    
Communication Sara Pinkard sara061116@gmail.com    
Community Music Cha Chevy Millard chevym84@yahoo.com    
Agape Melissa Gibson greatgibbs10@gmail.com    
Transportation TO BE FILLED      
Supplies Brenda Bryan      
AfterGlow Decorations Shellie Smith